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    Public Accountant 2021.
    It will take place on March 4
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Last News

Mesa de trabajo
16 de February, 2021

test news translation three

logo de la JCC
28 de December, 2020

JCC complaint

información evento
28 de December, 2020

Popayán - JCC alliance and UGPP

tabla de datos
28 de December, 2020

Information Crosses

Resolucion 000-2070
28 de December, 2020

Resolution 000-2070

Invitación Jornada de actualización contable
27 de December, 2020

Invitation to The Day of Accounting and Fiscal Update

Missionary Processes

JCC: Governing body of the profession

Disciplinary Tribunal

Disciplinary Tribunal

Disciplinary tribunal Sub-process



Registry Process

Inspection and surveilance

Inspection and surveilance

Inspecttion and Surveilance Sub-process

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Transparency and Access to Public Information

Law of Transparency and the Right of Access to National Public Information In order to comply with Law 1712 of 2014, the Special Administrative Uni