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27 de December, 2020

Rioacha National Citizen Service Fair

Feria Nacional de Servicio al Ciudadano Rioacha

The UAE Central Board of Accountants participated in the National Citizen Service Fair in Riohacha, Guajira

On November 29th the UAE Central Board of Accountants met the accounting community of Riohacha at the National Fair of Citizen Service, organized by the National Planning Department, an event attended by entities of National and Territorial Order committed to the general interest and service to citizens.

The location of the UAE Central Board of Accountants was one of the busiest by the inhabitants of La Guajira, where Professional Cards of Public Accountant were delivered, we received documentation for the issuance of them and for the Register of Companies.

The UAE Central Board of Accountants always at the service of the Accounting Community!

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