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26 de December, 2020

UAE JCC installs care office in Ibagué

oficina de atención en Ibagué

UAE Central Board of Accountants installs service office in The city of Ibagué

We inform the accounting community of Tolima that the Special Administrative Unit Central Board of Accountants installed office in the city of Ibagué, which will operate in race 1 No. 10-57, headquarters of the Cooperative University of Colombia, an academic entity with which interinstitutional support agreement was signed so that students, accountants, entrepreneurs and community in general, can access the formalities and services such as the receipt of documents for the issuance of the Professional Card Public Accountant, Registration for legal persons who carry out activities specific to the accounting office, receipt of complaints and guidance on the exercise of the accounting profession in Colombia.

The ceremony was held on July 3, 2015 in the Hearing Room of the Cooperative University. It was attended by accountants from the region and the conference "The Ethics and Exercise of the Profession under International Information Assurance Standards" by UAE JCC Director General Julio César Acuña González.

The UAE Central Board of Accountants, getting closer to the Accounting community.

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