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Tuesday, 15 de December 2020

2019 News

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On December 05, 2019, the UAE Central Board of Accountants in the company of the #MinCIT technical team, through the modality of contracting open merit contest, awarded two contractual processes


The first implementation of a Business Process Manager as a methodology for managing and modeling processes and workflows in an organization, the goal of the manager is to increase efficiency performance and agility in daily operations in the entity. This manager will be accompanied by an Electronic File Document Management System, which allows to manage electronic documents and maintain workflows, in digital environments managing to reduce paper consumption and improve the efficiency of our Unit.    

  • This project is worth ($2031,000,000) two thousand thirty-one million pesos, which means the highest forward contracting by our Unit, in its more than 60 years of history.
  • The second process, the redesign of the institutional web portal by ($300,000,000) three hundred million pesos

The two processes were affected on the SECOP II state procurement portal between October 15 and November 25, 2019, of which more than 100 observations made approximately 20 interested companies were received and responded to.

For the Business Process Manager and the electronic document management system, three offers were received from Soain Software Associates SAS, Unión temporal SUBEJCC2019 and Unión Temporal IPM BPM - LAT JCC. Subsequently, as a result of the evaluation of the proposals, the subeJCC2019 temporary union composed of the companies BextTechnology and Supportical was favoured.

Two offers were received for the web portal by the companies, BISA Corporation LTDA and ADA SA, the latter being awarded, with these new projects, the UAE - Central Board of Accountants joins the pact for effective public management and the pact for science, technology and innovation in compliance with the National Development Plan and the policies of the national government , in order to generate public value and provide an optimal service to citizens

The two processes were affected on the SECOP II state procurement portal between October 15 and November 25, 2019, of which more than 100 comments made were received and responded to by approximately 20 interested companies

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