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Friday, 11 de December 2020

Press Release No. 6-2020 May 14

Junta Central de Contadores

The Special Administrative Unit Central Board of Accountants warns the entire community that unscrupulous people have been sharing false regulatory information, in which they notify accounting science professionals that they can circulate during the period of preventive isolation decreed by the National Government, for the free development of their activities:


Resolution No. 009874 of May 5, 2020, the Central Board of Accountants armed by Presidential Decree 457 of March 22/2020 Allowing the free locomotion of staff in the accounting area. "Accountants and accounting assistants can leave freely without any restrictions, they can leave the city where they reside." The circular can be found at the following link."


We remind public accountants and other entities that provide accounting science services, which through our website: is enabled to consult the current rules for their corresponding review. If you would like to clarify any concerns about issues related to the entity, please contact us through the following channels: PBX: (57 1) 6444450 or Email:

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