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Who we are?

We are a government entity that ensures the correct exercise of the profession of public accounting in Colombia. It is responsible for three fundamental activities: the registration, inspection and monitoring of natural or legal persons who provide services of accounting science, and finally acting as a Disciplinary Tribunal, guaranteeing the correct exercise of professional ethics.

Procedures and Services

Know the different procedures and services offered by our entity.



Exercise inspection and supervision, to ensure that the Public Accounting is only exercised by duly registered Public Accountant and that those who exercise the profession of Public Accountant, do so in accordance with the legal regulations, punishing in the terms of the Law, those who violate such provisions.

Make the registration of Public Accountants, suspend it, or cancel it when it is necessary to do so, as well as keep your record.

Issue, at the expense of the interested party, the professional card and its regulations, the certifications that it is legally entitled to issue.

Report to competent authorities anyone who identifies and signs as a Public Accountant without being registered as such.

In general, enforce the rules on professional ethics.

Establish Sectional Boards and delegate to them functions indicated in paragraphs 4 and 5 of this article and such other as it deems appropriate to facilitate the fulfillment of the respective requirements for interested parties residing outside the capital of the Republic.

Give yourself your own rules of procedure.

The others that confer the Laws on him.



When a Public Accountant or company that provides accounting services makes a mistake against the code of ethics, the Disciplinary Tribunal is responsible for conducting a disciplinary investigation, and depending on the fault they have committed, issues a sanction.

Professional card and registration card

This document guarantees that a firm or Public Accountant has the correct registration before the UAE Central Board of Accountants, so a client has the security that he has hired a suitable person to carry out the accounting activities.  

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